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Playwright   Actor   Editor

I sat down and wrote a play. The first two lines went something like this:

Mother: Veselka, go plow the field. Veselka: But what if I wake the dragon?

Sure enough, a dragon—along with a witch, a bear and a prince—cropped up on my pages. I cast myself in all the roles and, buoyed by my beagle’s rapt attention, performed them all in front of a mirror. Then I sat back down and edited the lines to maximize their dramatic impact.


And so went the afternoon: Write. Act. Edit. Repeat.


I’d found my wheelhouse. Here’s what I’ve been doing with it ever since.

Jill Passport.jpg



I write them.


I perform them.


I edit them.


Brainstorming in Bruges: Plot points lurk around every corner.

It was raining. I was seven. I was bored.
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